Commanders: Makuta Blackout and the ZFT, Klak, Angonce, unnamed Corrantian fortress general, Xigneo, Perseus, Nadle
ZFT Goal: Damage Rebel Alliance forces by leading them into a trap.
Rebel Goal: Invade Great Being fortress on Corrantia.
GB Goal: Defeat the Rebels.
Rebel Forces D-Klak, Jinx, Nadle, Kakamu, Trantoshen, lots of Malchiorians commanded by Klak, Knights of the Keruvim, ZFT, as well as former Great Being troops, commanded by Bubbles, Gene Simmons and Armitage.
GB Forces: Many thousands of guards, Xigneo, Jarvis, Rahksha
Winner: Army of the Great Beings
Aftermath: Hundreds of Malchiorians dead or injured; D-Klak and Abneris injured; Klak and Osseron got angry; Increased division and suspicion amongst the Rebels; thousands of dead GB guards; Overlord Blackout injured; Xigneo killed; Rebel Alliance weakened both morally, emotionally, and physically; New Allies to the Rebel Cause; Uterio's return as leader of the Army of the Great Beings

The Battle of Corrantia was a battle that began over the Great Being fortress on the planet Corrantia.

The Rebels had suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the fortress's defenders. The ZFT had passed the Rebel battle plans to the Great Beings via a Kakamu lookalike, in the hopes of hurting the Malchiorian forces so that they cannot put up as good a fight once the Uterio War is over.


The battle began with the arrival of bombers under the command of Great Being Armitage, which attacked the fortress' back wall. This raid was followed by the arrival of the main Rebel force, which charged at the fortress, trying to break through its walls. Meanwhile, Nadle and Perseus led the Knights of the Keruvim towards the western side of the fortress in an attempt to flank the enemy armies. They succeeded in bursting through the wall, but discovered the horrible truth: the fortress was an organic being with a self-repair mechanism. Herd Stir, one of the valiant knights, sacrificed his life in order to allow his comrades a safe passage into enemy territory. While the main forces were engaging many garrisons outside, the Knights (and eventually Blackout and his forces) were engaging troops inside the southern courtyard. Protoman was the only knight who was able to reach the main building of the fortress, but he was killed by a sniper.

Blackout and Overlord Blackout showed up and started killing random guards. Their forces killed Xigneo by pure chance.

Rahksha later arrived with Jarvis, and began resourcefully commanding Uterio's troops. Despite the Rebel Alliance's superior firepower, the enemies fought with strategy, size, and foresight. Despite his blindness, Rahksha himself engaged Klak. Meanwhile, the fortress revealed its secret gravity well generator. A weapon that would not only screw with Corrantia's gravity, but possibly mess with the Rebel Alliance forces' sense of time.

The bombing run had failed, and all of the Rebel Great Beings that participated in the battle were killed. D-Klak and Abneris were shot down, but later healed. They helped create a diversion while the rest of the Allied forces began to retreat, much to Osseron's dismay. Luckily, the gravity well generator did not prevent a hasty retreat.

During the course of the battle, many of the heroes heard a voice in their head, believing it to be from the mind of the fortress. However, it was later revealed, through an Oz-ian twist, that the fortress's general had tricked everyone through a complex telepathic microphone device.

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