The Vahi Cube was a powerful artefact fuelled by the Kanohi Vahi capable of rewinding time and dimensionally displacing its targets wielded by Blackout. Its most notable use was to rewind time by 6 months, allowing Blackout to take over the Matoran Universe. It was later fully integrated into Blackout's body, giving him all of its abilities and making him considerably more powerful, as well as giving him the ability to summon an infinite army.

An alternate-universe version of the Vahi Cube was stolen by Ynot and integrated into his body, proving that any Makuta can use the Vahi Cube. Whether or not non-Makuta can use it as well is unknown.

Victims of the Vahi Cube Edit

  • Voporak
  • Several Toa
  • A Matoran
  • Kakamu (indirectly)